Tuesday, October 7, 2014

No weekly ramblings, but...

Sorry for the lack of weekly ramblings this weekend. I sent my laptop in for repairs, and wasn't in the mood to try to compose something on my iPad. And while I have the laptop back now, I don't really have it in me to compose anything like a Looking Back post.

Instead, I took the time to update my What I'm Watching page with final scores and thoughts on all of the Summer shows I watched, plus initial impressions of the Fall shows I've watched so far. Check it out by clicking on the page link above... or if you're lazy, just click here.

Final posts for the last two episodes of Hanayamata and Barakamon will be coming eventually, hopefully sooner rather than later. Also expect further coverage of Encouragement of Climb Second Season (despite the continued lack of a legal stream) as well as possibly a new show that I'll be covering during the season, plus a new feature called "3 for 3". What does that mean? You'll have to wait and see...

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  1. I’m copying this comment (and adding some words more) I posted at Beneath the Tangles about Grisaia:

    I was reading about the VN and it seems to have some unsavory elements, -besides the typical sex scenes for these kind of VN’s-, I hope these (yuri, incest) are skipped for this anime.

    Too much fanservice, but at least they had a inch of decency and put that white light censor.

    I liked Michiru, what an entertaining character!

    In general, I think it was slow paced, and with a certain sense of bleakness or solitude. Regarding art direction, I like the coloring and character designs, although the CG wasn’t that good. Specially notorious in the backgrounds for some parts of the highway scene.

    Still, not a show I would deem very recommendable.

    Denki-gai no Honya-san, from what I've read, looks like a otaku-pandering show with some sex jokes and vulgar elements. I didn't watched the first episode.

    About Gugure!, I only watched half of the first episode, more or less. I didn't liked he juxtaposition of esoteric and gloomy aesthetics with the chibi form of the girl plus the style of the fox spirit.

    Regarding Wolf Girl and Black Prince, I think is a lighter approach to the harsh or sadistic boyfriends from some Shoujo. I didn't liked some of the portrayals of the boyfriend character in the opening, nor the discussion about sadomasochism of the girlfriend character and her "friends". Visually, it has a good style.