Thursday, October 2, 2014

Barakamon: Eps. 9-10: Inspired

Yeah, I'm late on this post, and the last two episodes have already aired; I'll get to those later (probably next week). For now, though, I'll be doing these two episodes. I actually don't have much to say on them; they're fantastic episodes as always, just being a bit more focused on the charms of Seishuu's island life than trying to push any real lessons. And that's fine, too.

Well, not sure I'd call impromptu Tarzan re-enactments as "charms".
This post will contain decent spoilers after the jump.

When Inspiration (or the Holy Spirit) Strikes

As Seishuu is pondering his next work to submit to the next exhibition, he finds himself unable to find inspiration for his next subject. He goes into a bit of a panic, when Naru and the other kids drag him out to play. At first, he considers the whole experience pointless, being nothing more than another troublesome babysitting job. However, on the way home, he sees a magnificent sunset, and suddenly gets a flash of inspiration. Of course, then he slips and falls down a ravine, and while trapped at the bottom, he gets his real inspiration while looking at the stars.

Inspiration can be a funny thing. It oftentimes eludes us when we are trying to look for it, and then strikes us when we least expect it. For Christians looking for guidance from the Holy Spirit, the experience can seem similar. Many Christians know the verse that is Matthew 7:7; in it, Jesus says that if you ask, seek, and knock, God will provide for you. So many Christians go asking and seeking, and then get confused when God does not answer them. However, the verse is not describing three separate actions, but one complete process that includes knocking: that is, trying out different God-honoring things. Just like how Seishuu only discovers his inspiration when he steps out and spends time with the people on the island, we can only find the Holy Spirit's guidance if we are actively knocking, not just sitting around.

As an extra fun thing, sometimes what seems like the Holy Spirit guiding us down one path might actually be just a temporary waypoint that leads to a different path that is our true calling. Again, though, we will never know unless we step out to do something.

Seishuu soon realizes that being on the island has been the best thing that has happened to his calligraphy, as he remarks that he can write what he could not if he was back on mainland Japan. That is the power of transformative grace, provided with the help of a loving community... and as we find out, that power is about to be tested when he gets called to go back to Tokyo.

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