Friday, July 26, 2013

Kin'youbi Mosaic: 7/26/13 “Little Theory Busters” Edition

In this new weekly series, I simply talk about whatever random news and thoughts I feel like talking about. Don’t expect a whole lot of serious stuff here. The title is a play on the currently-airing "Kin'iro Mosaic", as "kin'youbi" means "Friday" in Japanese.

So, during my Anime Expo post, I noted that Sentai Filmworks announced the first Little Busters! set for release this November, but only on DVD, and theorized that the Blu-ray might come later to account for the delay Japanese licensors usually implement to reduce reverse importation. However, that theory got busted, as they recently announced that the Blu-ray would also be released in November; in fact, both the DVD and Blu-ray are available for pre-order already on Rightstuf.

With only a 3-month turnaround between the last Blu-ray being released in Japan and this first set, that is among the fastest turnarounds for a US Blu-ray release (excluding import releases). Other fast turnarounds include Bodacious Space Pirates (4 months) and Persona 4: The Animation (1 month); the latter suffered for it as the Blu-ray ended up being dub-only. (It is worth keeping in mind, though, that what’s being released in November is only the first 13 episodes, for which the corresponding Japanese Blu-rays finished releasing earlier.)

It is nice to see such a fast turnaround on this series, though I wouldn’t expect such things to be common.


Discotek Media is quickly becoming one of my favorite North American anime licensors. They recently released the complete collection of Lovely Complex, a show I have wanted licensed for a long time since I first saw it back in 2007. It’s a shoujo romantic comedy about a tall girl and a short guy, and being vertically challenged myself, I could easily relate to the series. I definitely recommend checking it out.

And then, not too long ago, they also announced that they had rescued the license for the first Cardcaptor Sakura movie, and will release it on DVD and Blu-ray in 2014. Now, Cardcaptor Sakura holds the distinction of being the very first anime I watched in Japanese (with English subtitles). I had first been exposed to it thanks to the (rather butchered-up) Cardcaptors dub that aired after Pokemon way back when, and wanting to take another look at it, I stumbled upon the original series and immediately fell in love with it. It’s a show that is in many ways responsible for my interest in anime in the first place, and remains one of my favorite shows to date, so to hear that even a part of it has been licensed again made me ecstatic. I can only hope this will lead to a rescue of the second movie, or even better, the whole TV series…


This Week's Crossover Fanart: Genshiken x Yotsuba&!

Chika&! Art by Kabaya Kousuke.


The recent episode of Silver Spoon featured some characters as they went to a horse racetrack. Though main character Hachiken initially doesn’t see the fun in watching horses race, he eventually gets caught up in all the excitement of the race (which is different from thoroughbred racing in that these horses have to pull loaded sleds).

I have gone to the racetrack myself several times, and it is indeed a fun experience. There are two factors that are key to enjoying a horse race. The first is to be invested in a horse; this is why it’s good to bet on horses if possible, even if it’s just the minimum bet ($2 in my case). In Silver Spoon, the characters are too young to make bets (and have no one to make bets on their behalf), but they are still invested in one horse as it is one of the characters’s personal horse. The second key is to go with friends, as a lot of the fun is just in getting caught up in the whole thing with other people (which was definitely the case in Silver Spoon).


Finally, some sad news as Ryutaro Nakamura, director of shows like Serial Experiments Lain and Kino’s Journey, passed away this Thursday from pancreatic cancer. (He was 58 at the time of his death.) Prayers go out to his family and loved ones.

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