Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Blogging break (and an plug)

I'm afraid that, lately, all this blogging has been wearing me out. So I've decided to take a two week break from blogging to give me a chance to recuperate and have a chance to watch anime without having to worry about writing about it. I'll be back after Thanksgiving, perhaps with some scaled-back posting (like making 3-for-3 a bi-weekly column instead of weekly, and likewise making coverage of A good librarian like a good shepherd bi-weekly too). I'm definitely not going to stop blogging, because when I watch something I like, I naturally want to talk about it; still, it has been getting a bit much for me lately.

In the meantime, the What I'm Watching page has been updated if you want to see what I think about all the various shows I'm following this season.

Also, I'd like to plug my account, where you can ask me all sorts of questions and I'll answer them there and on my Twitter. (I might even post some of the responses here on this blog when I get back.) It's a way to keep in touch with all my readers while I'm on this break. Otherwise, I'll be back after Thanksgiving.

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