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Kin'youbi Mosaic: 3/7/14 Tumblr AniMarch Special

Over on Tumblr, Charles of Beneath the Tangles, along with Azure Alley, has been doing a thing called AniMarch. Over the course of the month, various people on Tumblr have been asked to give responses to one question per day, and the questions are some fun, more interactive ones. 

For this week's ramblings, I will post some of my entries for this event. If you're on Tumblr, why not join in? And even if you're not, feel free to go over and check out the #animarch tag to see various anime fans' answers to these questions.


Akari Akaza of YuruYuri is a girl that likes hanging out with her friends, but sometimes feels that she doesn’t really have a presence among them, as the others have more personality and other people within the group they are closer to. Her lack of presence becomes something of a recurring joke within the show, but despite this, there are definitely moments when the other characters in the series show how much they like her.
When I hang out with friends, I too often feel like I don’t really have a presence within the group, as I tend to be quiet and not speak much while others chat away. (It doesn’t help that most of my real-life friends aren’t quite as much of anime fans as I am…) As such, I can definitely relate to Akari’s feelings of wondering if she really does belong with the wacky group of friends she’s a part of. And likewise, I do appreciate those times when my friends show that they are happy to have my presence.


(Note: For day 3, I chose five various anime characters, wrote their names on slips of paper, and then mixed them up in a bag. The following days' posts involved characters drawn from those slips.)

(Warning: Spoilers for Last Exile incoming!)

Dear Dio Eraclea,

[How are you doing? I hear you’ve been with the Sky Pirates lately, and that you had quite some adventures lately with the Exiles and some princesses. I haven’t really been following the news, though, so I do not know all the details. I am still recovering from the injury I got in that one incident. That injury has kept me from flying, too, which is unfortunate, as I have really been missing flying my Vanship.

Instead,  I have been resting at home and taking it easy. Thankfully, Lavie is around to not only take care of me but also keep me company. I am so happy to have her at my side, even if we cannot fly together; I really do not know what I would do without her. (Just between you, Al, and me, I am thinking about proposing to her soon.)

How is Al doing? I hear she has been caught up in everything with you, but that she is okay. Thank you so much for taking good care of her. Lavie and I really hope we can see her again soon. I hear that the Second Grand Race will be held soon; maybe we will go out to see it, if the two of you plan to be there.

For that matter, I do look forward to seeing you again; you can be a bit annoying at times but I do consider you a friend and hope you are doing well. Maybe someday, the two of us can fly together again.]

Until then, best wishes,
- Claus Valca


Noël Kannagi (Sora no Woto/Sound of the Sky)
Rating: not my type | alright | cute | adorable | hot | sexy | OH MY GOODNESS
…where do I even start with this girl?
  • A skilled mechanic and spider-tank pilot
  • Prefers heavy-ammo machineguns
  • Incredibly intelligent
  • Will get absolutely memorized by a pillbug
  • Her dream is to become “a lovely wife”
…and that’s not even looking at her backstory and how she overcomes the demons of her past.
Definitely one of my favorite anime characters.


Ryoko Hakubi (Tenchi Muyo!)

…yeah, I am not an artist. At least I think I got her hair down...

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