Friday, December 20, 2013

Kin'youbi Mosaic: 12/20/13 Weekly Ramblings

Some quick licensing news. First, Sentai Filmworks has officially licensed the first season of The Familiar of Zero, which aired way back in 2006. It was originally licensed by Geneon Entertainment and released just before they pulled out of the US anime market; it was also released by FUNimation Entertainment when they received the series along with a bunch of other Geneon titles, but have since let the license expire without renewing it due to low sales. Sentai's license rescue will include the dub on the original Geneon release, and they will also release the series on Blu-ray.

The announcement is also notable in that way back in winter of 2012, they licensed the fourth season of this series that aired at that time, but have yet to release it on DVD, likely because they wanted to license and release the first three seasons first. That said, it's worth noting that their press release for their fourth season license said they would release the series as a sub-only DVD, and while current trends make it likely that they will at least release a Blu-ray, it's likely that, unless this first season release does particularly well, seasons 2 through 4 might not get dubbed.

Other licensing news: FUNimation has the home video license for A Certain Magical Index II and the movie for the franchise. Aniplex of America has licensed two Winter 2014 titles: Nisekoi and World Conquest - Zvezda Plot. They will stream the series as they air (possibly on Crunchyroll), and will release the series on home video later.

You can check out all these news in more detail in my new "news" block on the side of the blog.


Want to know about the latest pre-orders available? First of all, check out the "FUNimation New Title Solicitations (Mar '14)" link on the side under News, which includes, among other things, a pre-order for a special Premium Edition of Psycho-Pass.

Meanwhile, while it is not available for pre-order yet, get ready for a special re-release of the first season of anime classic Ranma 1/2 on Blu-ray and DVD. The release is slated for March 25th, 2014, and the Blu-ray release will be a special Limited Edition with an artbox and art book.


I'm at a loss for other things to ramble about. So instead, have a video of the ED of Unbreakable Machine-doll in Dance Dance Revolution:

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