Thursday, October 31, 2013

Hiatus and a Tumblr Halloween Cosplay Special

So as I mentioned last Friday, National Novel Writing Month is upon us, and as such, I am taking a one month hiatus from this blog in order to focus on my novel.

Beyond that, I have a Tumblr! It's relatively bare, but as a Halloween special (and at the request of Charles from Beneath the Tangles), I've added several pictures I've found of anime characters dressed up as other characters.

Fun note: At first, the picture of Free!'s Nagisa dressed as Mirai from Beyond the Boundary was by far the most popular, gaining over 300 notes while other pictures barely broke double digits at best--the infamous Free! fandom on Tumblr at work, clearly. However, recently the Idolm@ster picture set (which actually had a lot more to it, but I chose the ones that were on the, er, cleaner side) has become popular, reaching 270+ notes. Interestingly enough, the increased popularity seems to have started when it got reblogged by cutegirlsdoingcutethings, whom I've been following for a while for all the cute pictures. Kind of funny how that's come full circle...

Well, that's that. See you all in December!

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