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Anime Hall of Fame Induction: Nichijou

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JP Vol. 1 manga cover. Deer not included.

Show Information

Japanese Title: 日常
English Title: My Ordinary Life

Based on: Manga (not available in English)

Length: 26 episodes + Episode 0
- There was a special 12-episode re-broadcast with additional content

Aired: Spring 2011

Studio: Kyoto Animation

Available for Streaming: Crunchyroll
(Note: Only original 26 episodes available.)

Home video license: None (was briefly held by Bandai Entertainment but was lost when they folded)

Synopsis: The daily lives of high school students Yuuko, Mio, and Mai, and their classmates, with plenty of insanity to go around. Also, the daily lives of genius child scientist "Hakase" and her rather human-like robot Nano.

Why it's worth watching

Well, first of all, this blog's title is taken from this show. Basically, this is my absolute favorite comedy of all time, as well as my #4 favorite anime of all time. This show is full of brilliant, inspired, and unrestrained sheer insanity, and I love it. Most of the insanity lies in the extraordinary lives of the ordinary high schoolers, while the professor and robot provide a counterpoint as extraordinary people living ordinary lives. Eventually, these two groups meet, for even more fun times. As for just how insane this show gets, all I can really say is: try out the first episode.

Of course, any comedy worthy of my top ranks needs some heart as well, and there is definitely some heart in this show with the friendship of the girls and the relationship between Hakase and her robot. There's a lot of different things going on in this show--it's kind of like a variety show in anime form--and while the very nature of such a show means that not everything will be a hit, this show still hits a lot, and frequently hits very hard.

Kyoto Animation brings their A-game to this show, resulting in something that is visually amazing. The soundtrack is fun and silly and reminiscent of that of classic Western cartoons. All of this really help make this show a true comedic masterpiece.

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